01 May 2008

Dansk macabre

Nordlund 2006 “Lillelund” (Denmark) – Yes, Danish wine. Apparently, the grapes are rondo, regent, leon millot and castel; I've only ever heard of one of those. The nose has a promising, cheap Bordeaux sort of dark fruit/cedar quality to it. The palate, however, tastes like various paints, stale Hershey’s chocolate, and garage-scented cheesecloth sodden with distilled water. Plus, some noticeable volatile acidity. I’m happy to report that after about 72 hours in bottle (no, really), the palate calms down a little bit, retaining a little bit of that black fruit in a fairly acrid, wan way; it’s now only actively unpleasant, rather than abjectly horrifying. (4/08)

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