27 March 2009


Vodopivec 2004 Venezia Giulia Vitovska (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) – Even more orange than most of its “orange wine” cohort. But it still brings the insanity. Tannic as hell. Cloudy. Plus: citrus rinds, green olives, very old almonds, a touch of ammoniated walnut. And is that lard that I smell? Incredibly dense, complex…and, as usual, it’s impossible to get a real handle on a wine like this. It just defies every expectation, even when one knows what to expect. (3/09)


vinosseur said...

Hey Thor, great description of this wine!

I have tasted this wine as well! In fact, I work on my spare time with the importers of that wine into Norway. The importers are called Non Dos and import organic, biodynamic and natural wines (which I focus on quite often on my site). Really exciting stuff.

Take care,

thor iverson said...

Fun, indeed. As I said on one one forum, though, I think I slightly prefer the Zidarich.