09 February 2011

A Barral of fun

Barral 2007 Faugères Valinière (Languedoc) – Spicy mixed berries and cumin seeds. Quite tannic, but it’s a beautifully ripe tannin, and everything is both concentrated and in flawless balance. This is terrific now, but the question is whether or not anyone will wait long enough for it to be the even better wine it should become, many years from now. Masterful. (11/10)


Andrzej Daszkiewicz said...

I used to keep a few bottles of Valiniere in my friend's cellar in another city and this kept me from opening them too early :-) The last one we had last year, it was 2001 (not Faugeres yet, just Vin de Table) and it was absolutely great! And the Jadis 2001 we had in another glass was not bad either, but the most fascinating thing (as is quite usual in a case like that) was comparing them.

thor iverson said...

This bottle was all the way across the country, so I think I can avoid opening another. ;-)