16 May 2009


Veritas 1997 Shiraz Hanisch (Barossa Valley) – Black raspberry and black cherry, both coated with bitter chocolate. Then, there’s crème de cassis, licorice liqueur, bubblegum, and a significant spike of acetone. Texturally, the wine’s sticky to the point of being gummy, an absolute harlot with its fruit, and rather massive. All that said, there’s a certain insane balance to the wine, and those for whom “more” has no upper bound will probably love the geysering sluttishness of it. But it’s definitely not my thing. (3/05)


Salil said...

Sounds yummy. I'll make sure to keep aside my bottle of the 02 for you. ;-)

thor iverson said...

Don't threaten; I have a half-dozen Grateful Palate bruisers I could inflict. :-P