21 March 2008

Tignanellos bounce!

Antinori 2004 “Tignanello” (Tuscany) – International to its core, showing big blueberry and blackberry, albeit with surprising acidity. The finish is short, and it’s far simpler than it should be at this price, but the balance is at least acceptable. If one must drink this sort of wine, this isn’t a bad one to try. (2/08)


Rieslingfan said...

The thing that has kept me from recoiling in horror from Tignanello is the acidity. If more of the world's blueberry juice had ample acidity the world would be a muich less tiresome (though still regrettably homogenized) place.

thor iverson said...

Plus, acidity comes in a convenient FedEx-able form. So why not use it? ;-)