15 October 2011

Dig F-ing Beal?

De Ponte 2010 “D.F.B.” Melon de Bourgogne (Willamette Valley) – To my knowledge, this is the first domestic melon de bourgogne I’ve tasted (barring it being a minor player in a blend). And it’s quite credible. Fuller than western Loire versions, of course, but with that crushed-shell dryness that features in many Muscadets; I guess it’s a varietal signature after all. Otherwise, the fruit’s pale yellow and sunny. A nice quaff. (8/11)


Mark said...

It's 100% melon, and a minor cult among De Ponte cognescenti. The grapes come from old bush vines as depicted on the label.

thor iverson said...

I meant that the only other domestic melon de bourgogne I've had was in blends. But it's a good wine, and I applaud the minor audacity that went into it.