10 October 2011

Brand identity

Zind-Humbrecht 2007 Riesling Brand (Alsace) – Indice 2. 13.5%, and while I have no visual reason (based on adhesion to the interior of my glass) to doubt this number is far off the mark, my palate is screaming that it’s something more like 15.8%. Which it probably isn’t, but that should give one an idea of the incredible, overwhelming density, heat, and pineapple sludge which are this wine’s primary characteristics. "Isn't the Brand supposed to be one of the great vineyards of Alsace," one might ask. Change that verb to "wasn't," and I think we're on the right, if unfortunate, track. Its centuries of value as a perfectly-situated solar attractor may now be working to its detriment in these differently-acclimatized times, and no more so than at houses where extremes of ripeness can sometimes be an end in themselves. (7/11)


David B said...

Brand, meet Pralat.

thor iverson said...

I'll take "discarded Merchant-Ivory titles for $1000, Alex."

But yeah. And not the only vineyards with this problem, I think.

David B said...

Hence my recent fascination with the Zeltinger Schlossberg & Himmelreich versus their more famous Sonnenuhr brother.