16 March 2011

Pushing the Illmitz

Kracher 2008 Zweigelt “Illmitz” (Burgenland) – Oaky zweigelt. What a terrible idea. What an unpleasant wine. (3/11)


Andrzej Daszkiewicz said...

I completely agree, oaky is not okay in this case :-)

thor iverson said...

It was really vile. I'm not a Parkeresque Kracher-devourer, but I have liked many of their stickies. This, though, was an abomination.

Andrzej Daszkiewicz said...

For me zweigelt in barrique almost never works - in fact it's my worst nightmare in Austria, much worse than riesling from a new barrique. There are few slightly oaky zweigelts that are not that bad, but almost all come from very poor soils, definitely not from Neusiedlersee.