08 November 2011


Domaine de la Terre Rouge 1999 Syrah Sentinel Oak Pyramid Block (Shenandoah Valley) – This is really singing at the moment. Very early maturity, but still enough maturity to have made it worth the wait. The wine is brown. Not in color, but in tone and aroma. There’s lingering purple, but mostly it’s brown. Baritone. Incipient autumnal. Late afternoon. I’m glad I have it in quantity, though the dozen bottles I wasted over the years hoping for the slightest bit of development…well, I wish I had them back. (10/11)


David B said...

Hmm...makes me want to open a bottle of the 1996.

thor iverson said...

Good luck. ;-)

Larry said...

I still have a bottle of '96, too. Whenever I see it in my cellar list, a thought balloon "Ya know, you should probably drink this soon" always pops up.