26 January 2011

Nobody's fault but mine

Kogl 2008 Sämling “Mea Culpa” (Podravje) – The least aromatic scheurebe I’ve ever tasted, which is far from suggesting that it’s not still dallying with the lurid. It’s just that it’s more an element of the whole than an overwhelming impression. Actually, this is pretty terrific (asterisk the previous with “for Pordravjean scheurebe” if “terrific” does not apply to this grape in your oenoverse), with some firmness, balance, and even a bit of quartzy minerality. (11/10)


Anonymous said...

Any reason you tried this? I noticed a WSJ article by Lettie Teague published in January, which I assume is not a pseudonym, ;), and the wine seems too obscure to have two writers taste it. Who is behind the great Slovenian scheurebe push?

thor iverson said...

Who is behind the great Slovenian scheurebe push?

Paul Grieco, in my case. This wine is -- or at least, was back in November -- on the lists at both Terroir and Hearth. I had it at the former by the glass, and found it enjoyable enough to order a bottle when, later that evening, we joined friends for dinner at the latter.