28 November 2010


Carrel & Fils 2009 Jongieux (Savoie) – Like snow on a seashore, crisp and flaking, a brittle carapace disintegrating around a wet, slightly saline chill. Someone might once have walked on this beach carrying a lime, but they left with it ages ago. The stark absence of this wine is very appealing. (8/10)


The Wine Mule said...

Probably because of shipper/distributor incompetence, I have not been able to find a bottle that wasn't heat-damaged in some way. Irritating.

Do have some of Carrel's Mondeuse, however, sort of an eccentric country cousin to Gamay, with high-altitude herbs and tart plumminess.

thor iverson said...

Sounds tasty. I've never seen the mondeuse.